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Our organization pledges that safety of the people on public roads is our top priority.

Our organization pledges to be a leader in the community by working to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries caused by preventable crashes.

Our organization will work with to defend and promote these principles.

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Government entities are the leaders of their geographical communities. The values and precedents they set will trickle down to the communities at large. Vision Zero is an opportunity for local and state governments to address the public health crisis of traffic fatalities & build a better future for their people.

Are you a government representative? Join Vision Zero to build a stronger & more vibrant community of road users. Commit today to a future with zero traffic-related accidents.

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Vision Zero offers a shared vision for both private and public corporations to align their values around road safety and the importance of human life. When companies agree to start with safety and then work backwards, the industry as a whole will benefit from better technology more integrated with human values.

Dozens of businesses have joined, pledging to work towards a future with zero traffic-related accidents. Come join us and help to achieve Vision Zero.

Make the Pledge as a Corporation

Vision Zero welcomes either for-profit or non-profit associations in the automotive, motor, and safety industries to join forces and sign the pledge. By bringing together all the stakeholders in the motor industry, we can ensure that each organization shares a collective goal to reduce suffering and improve safety. At the end of the day, we are all important.

Come join 15+ associations that have committed to Vision Zero. Let’s improve safety for all.

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